November 2020

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More Than a Flying Camera

Teal was founded in 2014 by George Matus (who was 17 at the time) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Teal’s purpose is to enable unmanned systems to be more than just flying cameras. With a strong team and a backbone of venture support, Teal is helping to rebuild America’s sUAS industrial base to compete on a global scale.


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project story

UAS Evolution

Teal and Fireline Digital have worked together for over three years. We have helped them evolve their brand by updating their website, as well as, providing graphic design, app dev, and video editing services. Throughout Teal’s history they have become the leader in the American-made unmanned aircraft system (UAS) industry. 


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Increase in Traffic

The updated website for Teal’s Golden Eagle launch was a huge success with skyrocketing visitor numbers never seen before.


Day One Preorders

The launch of the Golden Eagle in late 2020 saw hundreds of preorders on day one.