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Pay Per Click advertising is a method in which companies advertise their services or products online and pay a small fee each time that one of their advertisements is clicked on.

PPC is essentially the purchase of traffic to a website by promoting ads on third-party websites, such as Facebook or Google, rather than gaining the traffic organically.


Creating a PPC campaign can be tricky. You have to consider what people are going to be searching for, choose your keywords carefully, and select the location, time, and language to effectively hit your target consumer right on the head.


PPC can be costly but is very effective. You can set a budget per day, ranging from cents to a few dollars per click. This may seem expensive but often results in a large sale that more than makes your money back. Best of all, PPC ads provide you with detailed analytics so you can see what’s working and what’s not. It’s an ideal digital marketing strategy for those with both small and big budgets.

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