Web Design & Development

Web design and development refers to how websites are displayed on the Internet. It also relates to user experience with regards to website development instead of software development. In the past, web design was solely focused on designing websites for desktop browsers, but this has since changed during the mid-2010s when designs for tablet and mobile browsers have become increasingly important.


Proper web development is an essential aspect of an online marketing presence. If people only had 15 minutes to take in website content, most of them would prefer to see something aesthetically pleasing than something plain and static.


How a website is designed can have a huge impact on customer experience and lead generation. To build an effective business website, you need to understand the importance of good web design.


The job of a web designer is to flesh out the layout, appearance, and in some instances, the content of a website. Appearance often relates to the fonts, colors, and images used, while the layout refers to how the data is categorized and structured.





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